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Our Scentsy Story

     Every consultant's story begins with a “why”. You're probably asking, what is a “why”?
Well, it's that thing that drives you, gives you the motivation to keep moving forward.
It may be as simple as supporting your coffee habit, or getting your Scentsy products at a
discount. It may be as grand as making your house payment, being able to stay home with your
children, or planning for early retirement. Whatever your “why” is, it's perfect, because it's yours.
     My “why” started off simple. I decided to host a Basket Party to earn free products. After reaching $1000 in sales, and talking to a friend, I realized something else. I could sign up to sell Scentsy for $99, receive 25% commission on my first order, and make about $150 profit. It seemed like a win-win, so I joined the company. I'll be honest, that's as far as I was planning to go with Scentsy. I didn't want to sell anything. In the past, I had joined a few other party plan companies and I knew that it wasn't for me.
     Then, something happened that I didn't expect. I started to see the magic of Scentsy. It began when I asked a friend to have a Basket Party for me. I was shocked to see that her party came in at $1200. Two parties over $1000? Maybe there was something different about this Scentsy thing. I already knew that my sales had come easy, I didn't really even “sell”. I just showed people the product, and it sold itself! So, I had a little change of plans. I decided to run with it, for “awhile”, just to see what I could do for a month. The month ended with over $5000 in sales and 4 new team members. I couldn't believe it, I had never had that much success with any other party plan company that I had been a part of.
     Then came my next “why”. The company was giving away an all expense paid incentive trip to Cancun. I now had a new goal. During the next two months, I worked Scentsy with the focus on earning that trip. What I wasn't expecting, was that I would earn company awards along the way. Not only did I sponsor 8 team members, promote to Superstar Consultant, and earn the trip for two, but I earned two monthly awards as well... I was the Top Salesperson, and Top Sponsor in the company! More important, (or so I thought) I couldn't believe that we were headed to Cancun, for free! Our Cancun experience was amazing, but not for the reasons you might think. What made it an amazing experience was the new friendships that were made, and having the opportunity to get to know Orville & Heidi, the Owners of Scentsy. The absolute genuineness of everyone there was enough to warm the heart of the biggest cynic I know, my husband, Dan.
     I wish that I could say that we decided right then to jump in with both feet... but that's not how it happened. Remember, I didn't want to sell anything. It would be another month before we would decide to take this business seriously. I decided to attended Convention, and signed myself and my husband up. It was there that we both realized, with Scentsy, the possibilities are endless! So, Dan and I began to work this business together, as a team. Since then, the “why's” have turned into a list of accomplishments and free vacations, Scentsy Style! At this point we've been to:
Peyto Lake in Banff, Alberta Canada. 
Scentsy Incentive trip June, 2009.
Private tour of Fenway Park in Boston, Ma. 
Scentsy Incentive trip October, 2010.
Our Cruise Ship in Alaska 
Scentsy Incentive trip October, 2009.
     We have achieved the rank of Star Directors, and by helping others achieve their goals, we will achieve Superstar Director in the near future. We have been so blessed with many amazing new friendships along the way. We are now motivated by what I consider, our final “why”. For the two of us to be able enjoy a comfortable retirement together. It's a long term goal, but with Scentsy, I don't questions it's possiblity... I know it's going to happen.
     Scentsy is a blessing that can turn your dreams into reality. The Scentsy business opportunity is still in it's infancy, and will be an amazing blessing to anyone who sees the potential and decides to run with it. All it takes is belief in yourself, and a fearless drive to work towards achieving your goals. Sometimes those goals may even stretch you a little outside of your normal comfort zone. You can achieve results beyond your wildest expectations. We encourage you to consider what your “why” is today, and what your “why” could become. We would love the opportunity to help you turn your dreams into real goals that you can see yourself achieving. Please join us on this amazing journey called Scentsy, and let your dreams begin.
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