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Haunted House Warmer
The grim centerpiece of your Halloween décor, Haunted House towers ominously over an eerie tombstone garden.
Audrey The Arachnid
This spooky spider is oh-so squishable! And she has eight furry legs to hug you with. Audrey is a limited edition Scentsy buddy so don't wait to make her yours!
Pumpkin Graveyard Warmer
Vlad The Bat
Let Vlad the bat help you escape even the darkest night. This green winged bat is as cuddly as they come and he is a limited edition Scentsy Buddy to don't wait to make Vlad your best friend!
Ghoulish and glowing with green moonlight, Pumpkin Graveyard casts haunting shadows for chilling ambiance.
Bewitched Halloween Warmer
An enchanted jack o’ lantern dressed in his Halloween best. Listen closely — you can almost hear a witch’s cackle.
Beware the blood moon and a house black as night — the reddest glow doesn’t reveal what’s hidden in shadow.
House on Haunted Hill Warmer
Itsy Bitsy Element Warmer
Itsy Bitsy spins a whimsical web of Halloween fun. This three-piece Element Warmer consists of a warmer base and dish that rest on metal legs.
Lumina Scentsy Warmer
Usher in the fall harvest with soft, delicate detail crafted in classic black and white. When lit, this serene porcelain warmer glows gently from within, like the first glimpse of a stunning autumn sunset.