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Scentsy Reindeer warmer
Scentsy Santa Warmer
Special Delivery Scentsy Christmas Warmer
Scentsy Christmas Gifts
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Happy Holidays Nightlight warmer
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Let it Snow Christmas Warmer
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Nativity Scentsy Warmer
Scentsy Christmas Warmer
Scentsy Holiday Warmer
Santa's List Warmer
Have you been naughty or nice this year? Well if you have Santa's List you don't have to stress! This fun warmer will look great in your home this Holiday Season.
Holiday Reindeer Warmer
Sophisticated, snow-white and trimmed in festive gold, this graceful reindeer is understated and classic the Scentsy Holiday Reindeer warmer is the perfect centerpiece to an elegant Christmas season.
Old World Santa Warmer
Tell a charming old tale with Saint Nicolas himself, as storied and grand as the spirit of Christmas. Dressed in his classic hat and coat, with a golden lantern draped from one hand, Santa softly comes to bring cheer and light to anyone who believes in him.
Snowman Countdown Warmer
Is it Christmas Day yet? Let little ones know just how long they have to wait with a frosty, friendly Snowman dressed in his wintry best. Includes numbered dice to mark each December day.
Away in a Manger Scentsy Wrap
Find hope in a glowing nativity scene, as three Wise Men follow the Star of Bethlehem to offer gifts to their newborn king.  You can buy the Away in a Manger wrap with either the Travertine Warmer, Etched Core warmer or just buy the Away in a manger wrap all by itself.
Noel Scentsy Warmer
Let the spirit of Christmas sing! This classic Noel carol, cast in the jolliest shade of red and decked with a garland of festive flourishes, will make your season glow.
Tux the penguin is adorned with a cozy red and white striped scarf, this festive friend will brighten up your home all winter long! Lift his head to find the warmer dish nestled inside this three-piece warmer.
Tux Scentsy Warmer
Baby Tux Scentsy Nightlight
Direct from the North Pole, its Baby Tux!  This miniature penguin has cuteness to spare.
Forest Meadow Scentsy Wrap
A family of deer amble amidst towering firs in a beautifully detailed forest scape that brings nature’s tranquility indoors. You can buy the Forest Meadow wrap with either the Travertine Warmer, Etched Core warmer or just buy the wrap all by itself.
Let it snow Scentsy Warmer
Build a magic snowman with glee, hang colorful ornaments on the tree, go winter sledding for the thrill, find warmth in your cottage on the hill. Like a snow sculpture crafted in precious detail, Let it Snow depicts four wondrous holiday scenes drawn right from a child’s sweet snow-day dream.
There’s nothing quite like that first glimpse of the tree. Not just any tree. It’s yours, and it’s finally here, looking sharp in the back of a cool retro truck is a Special Delivery for your home!
Special Delivery Warmer
Bethlehem Scentsy Christmas Warmer
Capture the stillness of that night long ago, when the everlasting light was bestowed upon the world. Given the look of aged, ancient stone, this humble scene depicts Bethlehem and a new beginning.
Happy Holidays Scentsy Nightlight
This festive Happy Holidays Scentsy Nightlight reminds us of the cozy cups of hot chocolate we had as children on those cold winter nights. 
Pixie the Scentsy Buddy
Pixie perfect! This sweet little penguin comes tucked inside her own ornament, complete with a ribbon to hang right on the tree. Scented with Vanilla Bean Buttercream. This Limited edition Scentsy Buddy is oh-so soft and immensely huggable
Nativity Nightlight Warmer
Scentsy's newest Nativity Nightlight is not only the perfect Christmas decor, but it also a luminous symbol of faith everlasting.
Rejoice Scentsy Warmer
Scentsy is wishing you great tidings of Joy this Holiday season!  This beautiful red and gold warmer will shine bright and bold. It’s the perfect piece for the festive at heart.
Seasons Greetings Nightlight Warmer
Seasons Greetings from Scentsy! Let this radiant Warmer spread happiness and good wishes to all who visit your home this holiday season. 
Scentsy Christmas Gift Ideas
Get your loved ones a Scentsy Christmas Gift Set. There is a multitude of Christmas  Sample packages to choose from that won't break the bank!