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Thank you for wandering into the world of Scentsy Wickless Candles!  If you love the warmth and fragrance that candles give, but aren't willing to compromise the safety of your family, then Scentsy is perfect for you.

With traditional candles comes significant risk to your home and your health.  Isn't it time to let go of the flame, soot and toxins that are released into your home when burning candles?  Scentsy Wickless Candles truly are the better option for your home and family.  Open your world to Scentsy! 
Scentsy products are designed with safety as the top priority.  Scentsy  full size warmers use a 25 watt bulb to release the fragrance throughout your home.  At its hottest, Scentsy Candle wax is only slightly above room temperature, eliminating the possibility of being burned.  Normal candles burn very hot and release toxins throughout your home. Scentsy's specially formulated wax is designed to prevent the release of toxins, because the wax is never burned.  In addition, the low wattage bulb acts as a night light and can be left on continuously, without worry.  You will appreciate Scentsy for it's commitment to safety, you will LOVE Scentsy for the wonderful way that your home smells!
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Both of us on the latest Scentsy Incentive trip... The Big Island of Hawaii!
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Shop Scentsy Warmers and other Scentsy Products online
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Everyone embraces Scentsy for their own reason.  For me it all started when a friend asked me to have a basket party. I really didn't know much about it, but my husband and I soon discovered that Scentsy products sell themselves.  In no time, our Scentsy party was over $1000 in sales. Not only was this one of the easiest things we had ever done but it was also a blast!  That was the beginning of our journey with Scentsy; we signed up as independent consultants, and we haven't looked back.

Since joining Scentsy our lives have changed.  We have been blessed with new and wonderful friendships, once in a lifetime vacations and financial relief.  Scentsy is an avenue that can initiate real life change and we would love the opportunity to show you how. Read our whole Scentsy story here.